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Lafitte Company has been involving in customised sport clothing for more than 40 years.

We are an expert in customised sport clothing textile printing (cycling, MTB, darts, gymnastics, athleticism, triathlon…) for individual consumers, sports clubs and professionals.

We are offering you sereval French manufacturing items in our shop. Our skills and know-how in this manufacture allows us to get a relative stability in our items in front of all outside and inside physical performances.

Efficient vapor evacuation, breathability, lightness and softness of the material will allow you to optimally practice your passion. In order to meet your expectations, we manufacture various items such as T-shirts, jackets, pants, panty hoses and other accessories. Of course, we can process customised orders with patterns and visuals you will choose. (Contact us)

You can also come and visit our factory outlet located in Troyes, at Marcel Dupont Street, 5
Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12am and 2pm to 6pm