Terms of payment

Lafitte uses the secure payment called 3D Secure.

When you buy something online with your credit card, a request for authentification is sent to your bank. This is your bank which choose the method for authentification such as the date of birth, a password, etc. Warning : this system called “3D Secure” must not be confused with your credit card security code. This system protects you against all fraudulent transaction. The 3D-Secure principle consists in a program established by Visa/Mastercard and suggested by all French banks. That program will ask you to identify at the time of payment in order to limit the fraudulent use of a credit cart number.

The SSL encryption process

To guarantee you a safety shopping, Lafitte adopted the SSL encryption process which ensures banky data privacy. Consequently, when you enter data and during its transfer via Internet, I cannot be viewed. Moreover, these information are not saved on our servers.

How to check that you are on a secured page ? 

When you are transferred onto the payment page to enter your credit card numbers, you are completely on a secure page. You will notice that the payment page address begins with “https://www.” contrary to the other standart pages which begin with “http://www.”. This “s” is the first letter of “secure”. You will also find on the bottom right of your web browser a pictogram symbolizing a padlock or a key depending on your browser. This icon informs you that you are also  completely on a secure page.

Accepted payments

Standart credit cards. You can pay for your purchases with a Carte Bleue (“Blue Card”), Visa, Mastercard/ Eurocard. If you pay with one of these credit cards, you pay the entire order. If you choose to pick your order up in the shop, you will be asked to show these following papers.

> the credit card used for the online payment,
> an identity document.

If you choose to be delivered at home, you will have to show an identity document to the deliverer.

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